Special Shape

Composite: Rubber Magnet


Feature: Permanent magnet




1. item name:exturded flexible magnet
2. material:isotroipc extruded flexible magnetic
3. size: as drawing

Section Dimension General Length Surface Cover Custom Design
9*2.5mm,9*3mm,12.5*2.2mm 50m,60m,100m Self-adhesive Size & Shape

Isotropic flexible magnet strip, application for door seal, 60m long, 9*3mm, magnetic tape

Flexible extrusion magnet is widely applicable for electric refrigerator door, drinking water machine door, bathroom door, relay, magnetic drawing board, toy, teaching, and so forth. Our extruded magnets have wide vary of range of dimension, good quality and price.

Common Sizes:

*Customization available according to your specific needs


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