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Plain Magnetic Strip

Property:Isotropic,  anisotropic,  semi-anisotropic magnet strip

Size: Customized size or suggested size

Thickness: according to your requirements

Plain Ferrous Sheet

Composite:  iron powder

Coating:  glossy or matte UV

Shape: according to your requirements

Color:  Natural Brown




Inkjet Magnetic Paper

Size:  A3, A4, cusotmized size is available
Surface:  Glossy or Matte
Printer:  All Inkjet printers

Magnetic Sheeting With Self-adhesive

material: Ferrite magnet powder, rubber and other materials

Size: Customized

Shape: Customized

Thickness: Customized

Coating:  self-adhesive

Color: Full color or any panton color are accepted

Magnetic Compound

Type:  Permanent

Composite:  Rubber Magnet

Shape:  Compound

Hardness:   Customized






1. We have high quality and new magnetic compound for raw material,it is the guarantee of final products from the first beginning.
Our factory buy ferrite powder and mix compound for raw material by ourselves,we have our own commercial secret of proportioning, and we never add recycled material to compound. So we ensure our quality of final products in good magnetic force and surface, high surface Gauss, strong magnetic force and smooth surface of sheeting, no curve, no wrinkle, clear and perfect for shipment. Some small factory buy compound from others, they can not ensure raw material, if the compound is added recycled material, the magnetic force will be cut down and more flexible and easy to curve and wrinkle.
2. We have high magnetic force than other suppliers.
Such as 0.3mm thickness magnetic sheeting, our surface Gauss is over 235Gs, but product of most other suppliers just can reach to 180Gs, it is big difference, oursurface Gauss is much higher than others.

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