Patch Magnet

1. material: rubber, magnet
2. laminations: adhesive, art paper, PVC
3. one side is magnetized and the other side is uv coating
4. application: promotional gifts, advertising, car signs, etc.
5. customized sizes are accepted.



Patch Magnet is made by flexible magnetic sheet laminated with self adhesive. Unlike hard ferrite magnet which is normally fragile against to shock, flexible magnet is flexible, and uneasy to break and crack. It can be manufactured in proper flexibility and cut into any size with knife or scissors to meet customer’s specific requirement without cracking or loss of magnetic energy.You can easily peel off the individual patch magnet from the big sheet, apply it to the back side of a paper card or other materials and stick it to fridge door, filing cabinet, metal shelf rack, gym locker, white board or any other metal surfaces. In this way, you give your message a better chance of remaining in a place to get notice for a longer time instead of ending up tossed, lost or filed away. 

Patch magnet is available in sheet and roll.

Patch magnet roll is easily adapted to any automatic labeling machine to make magnetic postcard ,magnetic leaflet or magnetic direct mail, which has a registration gap between each patch magnet, so that a photoelectric sensor can cue label machines to apply an individual magnet to paper card or other materials.

This product is available in standard thickness ranging from 0.4mm to 0.8mm and widths ranging from 20mm to 120mm, different roll lengths up to 150 meters are possible and will depend upon magnet thickness. Please feel free to contact us about your special requirements, we will have a good solution for you.

Following is some standard size of patch magnet sheet, custom size is also available:

Size of each
magnet tab

Size of master piece

Quantity of Magnet Tabs

In each master piece


20 x 20mm

400 X 200mm

200 pcs of 20 x 20mm

* Magnet thickness is available in 0.5m, 0.6mm, 0.7mm and 0.8mm.

* Standard packing:  100 pcs master
pieces into a carton box.

20 x 30mm

300 X 200mm

100 pcs of 20 x 30mm

20 x 38mm

304 x 300mm

120 pcs of 20 x 38mm

20 x 40mm

400 X 200mm

100 pcs of 20 x 40mm

20 x 65mm

325 x 300mm

75 pcs of 20 x 65mm

 20 x 100mm

300 x 300mm

45 pcs of 20 x 100mm

20 x 120mm

360 X 300mm

45 pcs of 20 x 120mm

30 x 50mm

450 X 150mm

60 pcs of 30 x 50mm

40 x 40mm

400 X 200mm

50 pcs of 40 x 40mm

40 x 50mm

300 X 200mm

30 pcs of 40 x 50mm

50 x 70mm

300 X 280mm

24 pcs of 50 x 70mm

Patch Magnet roll

Patch Magnet Sheet


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