Ferrous Sheet

Ferrous sheet 
looks very much like magnetic sheet and is similar in flexibility, weight and thickness. It provides a flexible alternative to steel and compliments our range of magnetic sheet products. It is similar to Steel Paper, but is thicker for increased strength. This makes it ideal for use where there is an intermediary material between the sheet and the magnet (PVC based for outdoor use also). It is flexible, receptive.

This material is magnet receptive and is NOT A MAGNET, it will NOT stick to metal.

As an adhesive base stencil to the magnetic substance, it has the sound safety and flexibility.it can be curled and processed.The goods can be supplied in the coiled form.The max.width can fulfill 750mm.The thickness ranges form 0.3mm to 1.5mm. The surface can be coated with film or be printed. It can be used for the wave absorbing materials and magnetic circuit shield. It is widely applicable for the transformer,office supplies ,exhibition board, toy,stationery,magnetic dart etc.

Size Range of  Ferrous  Sheet 

 Size Range Min(mm) Max(mm)
Roll length
width 620
thickness  0.3 1.5
 Sheet length 1000
width  620
 thickness 0.3 10
Strip width 5 80
thickness  0.9 10
Remark the common packing for roll material is 30m/roll or 50m/roll; it also depends on the specific width and thickness of the product as well as the shipping terms.

Tolerance of  Ferrous Sheet

Tolerance (unit: mm) Calendered Sheet Extruded Strip Die Cut Part
length -3 +1.5/-0(m) +/-0.3
width -3 +/-0.3 +/-0.3
thickness >=1.0 +/-0.08 +/-0.15 +/-0.08
<1.0 +/-0.05 +/-0.05

The surface of ferrous  sheet  and strip can stick with the following laminations to make various kinds of products which have wide usage!

+UV glossy/matt, to keep the surface glossy and clean
+PP film to protect the printing
+STICKER with/without printing
+DOUBLE ADHESIVE(PSA) acrylic/rubber glue; foam/PET/cotton paper based; indoor/outdoor used are all available
+PVC(vinyl) glossy/matt; with/without printing
+PRINTING silk screen printing
offset printing, spot color printing

Packaging & Delivery

Plain Ferrous Sheet

Ferrous Sheet with Self-adhesive

Ferrous Sheet With PVC

Ferrous Sheet with PET