Magnetic Sheeting With Self-adhesive

material: Ferrite magnet powder, rubber and other materials

Size: Customized

Shape: Customized

Thickness: Customized

Coating:  self-adhesive

Color: Full color or any panton color are accepted


Magnetic sheeting with self-adhesive is with all kinds of self adhesive,Chinese adhesive or imported high quality adhesive are all available.Self adhesive is laminated on the non-magnetic side of magnetic sheet,magnetized side with UV back coating.You can easily peel off the liner paper and laminated any printing materials on the flecible magnetic sheet.



Isotropic material: weak magnetism, used on iceboxes, presswork and marketing and promotion premiums

Anisotropic material: strong magnetism, used in such applications as micro-motors and magnet toys.

Standard&Popular Size



Products Material Surface  Dimension
Width(MM) Length(M) Thickness(MM)
Roll  Isotropic  Chinese adhesive  620/1000/1220  30  0.4
 Isotropic  Chinese adhesive  620/1000/1220  30  0.5
 Isotropic  Chinese adhesive  620/1000/1220  15  0.6
 Isotropic  Chinese adhesive  620/1000/1220  30  0.7
 Isotropic  Chinese adhesive  620/1000/1220  20  0.75


Magnetic sheeting with normal Chinese self-adhesive

Magnetic sheeting with 3M self-adhesive

Magnetic sheeting with Tesa adhesive

Magnetic sheeting with PET clear chinese self-adhesive


• Professional Gifts

• Magnetic Photo Frame

• Car Decoration

• Magnetic Stationery

• Name Card

• Toys


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