Advantage of Dowell Flexible Magnet

1. We have high quality and new magnetic compound for raw material,
it is the guarantee of final products from the first beginning.

Our factory buy ferrite powder and mix compound for raw material by ourselves,
we have our own commercial secret of proportioning, and we never add recycled
material to compound. So we ensure our quality of final products in good magnetic
force and surface, high surface Gauss, strong magnetic force and smooth surface of
sheeting, no curve, no wrinkle, clear and perfect for shipment. Some small factory
buy compound from others, they can not ensure raw material, if the compound is
added recycled material, the magnetic force will be cut down and more flexible and
easy to curve and wrinkle.
2. We have high magnetic force than other suppliers.
Such as 0.3mm thickness magnetic sheeting, our surface Gauss is over 235Gs,
but product of most other suppliers just can reach to 180Gs, it is big difference, our
surface Gauss is much higher than others.
3. We have big capacity of producing for magnetic sheeting.
We have two series of automatic product lines, our machine produce magnetic
sheeting for 8-10 meters per minute.Our workers work in shifts, if the machine runs
24 hours per day, we can finish a 20 container in 3 days if the roll is 30m long. And
that means we can finish a 20’ container in 1.5 days on two product lines. In August,
we will finish assemble new product line of 1500mm width, it will strengthen our
advantage of big capacity of production.
4. We have good technology and test team to ensure quality.
We have over 15 colleagues work as technology and test workmate, they monitor
the machine and technology data, we will have good solution in any cases and meet
5. We have good packing solution for safe shipment.
We use firm carton for packing of magnetic sheeting, and a plastic film around
rolls for preventing dirty and hurt, fixed rolls in carton by two ends. Then we put
some cartons in solid pallet and steel packing belt to reinforce the pallet. Our pallet
is strong enough and they can be overlying onto each other.